42 for Kat

And the Make-a-Wish Foundation


Kat was my wife’s best friend who sadly, lost her battle with Leukemia earlier this year. Kat regularly supported arts, and she was one of the very first Kickstarter backers for my latest album The Peripheral Arc : Volume I. The album release was dedicated to her, in memory, in the liner notes.

The number 42 was one of the many pop culture references that was special to Kat (You know… the answer to life, the universe, and everything). In these days leading up to December 17, what would have been her 48th birthday, we wanted to honor her and her memory.

We will be donating all proceeds from album sales on my Bandcamp page to the Kristina Kat Coker Memorial fund at Make-a-Wish foundation of Oregon , a cause that was near and dear to Kat’s heart.

You can join us in supporting this worthy cause
by purchasing anything on My Bandcamp Page